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Slider, special 9-25-15

Best Weekend Ever: September 25-27

Weekend Specials for 9/25/15 to 9/27/15 =Sandwich Special= Beef & Cheddar Melt shaved slow-cooked ribeye topped with tangy BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese on a toasted onion roll & served with fries => $11 =Shareable Special= A&P Sliders ground alligator tail & pork belly sliders topped with sauteed onion, pepper, […]

Best Weekend Ever: September 11-13

Weekend Specials for 9/11/15 to 9/13/15 =Sandwich Special= Chicken Cordon Bleu grilled or fried chicken breast with smoked pit ham, swiss cheese & dijon honey mustard on thick-cut toasted sourdough => $12 =Shareable Special= Crab Cakes pan-seared blue crab cakes with a spicy jalapeno/avocado sauce => $13 =Entree Special= Fried […]

Slider, Specials 9-4-15

Best Weekend Ever: September 4-6

Weekend Specials for 9/4/15 to 9/6/15 =Sandwich Special= Ham & Cheese grilled ham, smoked Gouda, and beer mustard on thick-cut sourdough bread… served with our crispy hand-cut fries => $11 =Shareable Special= Crispy Duck Wings crispy fried duck wings with spicy plum sauce, green onion aioli, sriracha, & fresh green […]

Slider, specials, 8-28-15

Best Weekend Ever: August 28-30

Weekend Specials for 8/28/15 to 8/30/15 =Sandwich Special= Route 91 Burger two freshly ground beef brisket griddle burgers with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, mayo, ketchup & our signature double-fried fries => $11 =Shareable Special= Riders on the Storm grilled bacon wrapped diver scallops topped with strawberry balsamic reduction, […]

Slider, Special 8-21-15

Best Weekend Ever: August 21-23

Weekend Specials for 8/21/15 to 8/23/15 =Sandwich Special= Chicken Bacon Ranch grilled chicken breast with swiss cheese, bacon, & ranch on a butter toasted bun, served with aside of fries or southern-style slaw => $12 =Shareable Special= Southern Poutine our signature double-fried fries topped with cheddar cheese curds, roasted pork […]