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Specials slider, 4-28-17

Best Weekend Ever: Apr 28-30

Weekend Specials for 4/28/17 to 4/30/17 =The Soup= Chicken Minestrone with summer vegetables => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Seared Ahi sweet wasabi-soy glaze => $14 =Sandwich Special= When Pigs Fly fried pork tenderloin, hot sauce, pickles, kaiser roll. Served with crispy fries or southern-style slaw => $12 =Entree Specials= Prime Rib […]

Specials slider, 4-21-17

Best Weekend Ever: Apr 21-23

Weekend Specials for 4/21/17 to 4/23/17 =The Soup= Asian Beef & Vegetable cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Little Neck Clams 1 lb. sauteed in garlic, butter & fresh parsley => $12 =Sandwich Special= Grilled Chicken Samm’ich goat cheese, roasted red pepper aioli, arugula. Served with crispy fries or southern-style slaw […]

Specials slider, 4-14-17

Best Weekend Ever: Apr 14-16

Weekend Specials for 4/14/17 to 4/16/17 =The Soup= Homestyle Veggie with cabbage and tomato => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= BBQ Ribs cut baby back ribs, bourbon bbq glaze => $12 =Sandwich Special= Fried Catfish Sandwich southern-style dredged on a toasted hoagie, served with hushpuppies & slaw => $11 =Entree Special= Louisiana […]

Slider, specials 4-7-17

Best Weekend Ever: Apr 7-9

Weekend Specials for 4/7/17 to 4/9/17 =The Soup= Chicken & Sausage Gumbo cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= P.P.G. Flatbread peach, prosciutto, goat cheese, black pepper honey => $12 =Sandwich Special= BBQ Pork Sandwich smoked pork shoulder, southern slaw, toasted sourdough. Served with crispy fries => $11 =Entree Special= Tenderloin Roulade […]

Slider, specials, 3/31/17

Best Weekend Ever: March 31-Apr 2

Weekend Specials for 3/31/17 to 4/2/17 =The Soup= Shrimp & Hominy Chowder cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Cajun Gator Sausage simmered in a spicy sauce piquant over white rice => $12 =Sandwich Special= Southern Chicken Salad Melt roasted chicken, celery, red onion, mayo, dijon, with havarti cheese on grilled sourdough. […]


Best Weekend Ever: March 24-26

Weekend Specials for 3/24/17 to 3/26/17 =The Soup= Tomato Basil cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Oysters Rockefeller spinach, garlic, Pernod, bacon, parmesan => $14 =Sandwich Special= California Chicken Club grilled chicken, havarti, tomato, bacon & avocado on grilled sourdough. Served with crispy fries or southern style slaw => $12 =Entree […]

Slider, specials 3-17-17

Best Weekend Ever: March 17-19

Weekend Specials for 3/17/17 to 3/19/17 =The Soup= Leek & Potato cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Shepherd’s Pie Eggrolls ground beef, diced carrot, peas, mashed potatoes & cheddar cheese => $10 =Sandwich Special= Black Irish beer braised 1/4 lb. banger topped with chili, cheddar & onion, served with crispy fries […]

Slider, Specials 8-19-16

Best Weekend Ever: Aug 19-21

Weekend Specials for 8/19/16 to 8/21/16 =Cocktail Special= Blueberry Rum Smash Bacardi Superior, lemon juice, brown sugar, ginger ale => $8 =Shareable Special= Veggie Flatbread ricotta, mascarpone, artichoke hearts, marinated tomato, spinach, red onion => $11 =Sandwich Special= SW BBQ Beef shredded beef, bbq sauce, pepperjack cheese, spicy frizzled onions. […]

Slider, Specials 8-12-16

Best Weekend Ever: Aug 12-14

Weekend Specials for 8/12/16 to 8/14/16 =Cocktail Special= Thank You Berry Much Smirnoff vodka, lemon juice, St. Germain, strawberry, blueberry => $8 =Shareable Special= Stuffed Avocado deviled crab stuffing, Sriracha & key lime aioli => $14 =Sandwich Special= Beer Brat Supreme beer braised bratwurst, beer mustard, beer cheese sauce, southern-style […]

Slider, Specials 8-5-16

Best Weekend Ever: Aug 5-7

Weekend Specials for 8/5/16 to 8/7/16 =Cocktail Special= The Bowler Evan Williams, lime, Cointreau, sweet vermouth => $7 =Shareable Special= Carne Asada Fries shredded beef, red enchilada sauce, queso fresco, cheddar, jalapeno, pico de gallo => $12 =Sandwich Special= Ciao Bella capicola, salami, swiss cheese, sweet pickle, dijonnaise, pressed Cuban […]