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Tag: Cocktails

Cocktail: Ruby Slipper

AT THE BAR: Ruby Slipper Don’t settle for what everyone else is having. Try something a little more fun than your average cocktail. This crisp and juicy drink will make your mouth happy! Cocktail: Ruby Slipper Bacardi Select + Watermelon + Lime + Sugar => Served on the rocks Browse our […]

Cocktail: Moroccan Martini

Cocktail: Moroccan Martini

At the Bar: Moroccan Martini If you’re looking for something tasty, but more sophisticated than a rum-and-coke, try this pretty gem! It’s currently one of the top favorites, and it’s served martini-style so you feel a little more oh la la while you’re sipping this citrusy-minty cocktail…. Cocktail: Moroccan Martini Ketel […]