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Beer of the Month

Maybe you’re on a budget, or maybe you just don’t know what to drink today. We offer a different beer on special every month, ALL month, for only $4 a pint. It’s usually a very drinkable seasonal that appeals to a variety of beer drinkers.

May’s Beer of the Month:

Killer Whale Cream Ale

beer-of-the-month May 2017Bold City Brewing

First of all, what is a cream ale? Well, that’s something the American craft beer movement has done to make an ale feel like a lager. Brewers typically add corn or rice, along with lager yeast, to a light ale – the caveat to that is smaller batch brewers can do malt instead of the corn or rice. Either way you end up with an ale that thinks it’s a lager.

With Bold City’s cream ale, you get a very light, crisp ale that’s awesome on a hot day (say mid-August around these parts). There’s only a little hops citrus note over the roasty malt flavors, and the creamy mouth feel which gives this style of beer its name, is a hair on the carbonated side. You don’t ever feel like you get punched in the face by flavor like you do with an IPA.

You can drink a few of these on a hot summer day while cooking out or hitting the beach. And of course hanging out at Loosey’s. If you drink Yuengling or Bud Light, don’t hesitate to try a pint of Killer Whale Cream Ale.

On Tap at Loosey’s

From Bold City’s site:
Killer Whale Cream Ale

“If you are tied to lagers, give this ale a shot. The brew process we use allows for a light, crisp and refreshing ale with no bitter aftertaste. Come by the Brewery sometime and ask Mom the story behind the name, KILLER WHALE!!!!”
ABV: 4%

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