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Gift Certificates

Why yes… yes we do have gift cards!

Loosey's Gift CardsPick up a gift card for someone special, or get a handful for work gifts or client perks! You choose any amount over $5, and you can even reload them. Ask your favorite server or bartender for details.

Where can I get these?

We’ve got them hot off the press at both Loosey’s locations. Ask your server or bartender!

Are they good at either Loosey’s location?

Yep! You can use your handy dandy gift card either here in Haile, or at Loosey’s Downtown*.

Are they awesome?

Why, yes! They are awesome gifts because we have a great menu and full bar–and they’re even good for carry-out orders.

*Because all door fees to shows at Loosey’s Downtown goes directly to the bands, gift cards cannot be used on door cover fees.