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Weekend Specials

Slider Specials 2-17-17

Best Weekend Ever: Feb 17-19

Weekend Specials for 2/17/17 to 2/19/17 =The Soup= Broccoli Cheddar cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Lobster Risotto fried lobster bites, saffron risotto, brandy cream sauce, chive => $13 =Sandwich Special= Italian Beef slow cooked roast beef, giardiniera, French bread. Served with crispy fries or southern slaw. => $10 =Entree Special= […]

Specials 2-10-17 Slider

Best Weekend Ever: Feb 10-12

Weekend Specials for 2/10/17 to 2/12/17 =The Soup= White Chicken Chili with tomatillo => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= P.E.I. Mussels roasted heirloom tomatoes, basil, Pernod, garlic, smoked salt => $12 =Sandwich Special= Deviled Crab Po’Boy deviled crab, remoulade, lettuce. Served with crispy fries or southern style slaw => $12 =Entree Special= […]

Slider, Specials, 2-3-17

Best Weekend Ever: Feb 3-5

Weekend Specials for 2/3/17 to 2/5/17 =The Soup= Hunter’s Beef Stew cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Stone Crab Claws garlic, butter, Old Bay, lemon => $14 =Sandwich Special= Duck Tostada braised duck, spicy slaw, green onion, fried corn tortilla => $12 =Entree Special= Chicken Oscar boneless chicken breast, asparagus, lump […]

Specials Slider, 1-27-17

Best Weekend Ever: Jan 27-29

Weekend Specials for 1/27/17 to 1/29/17 =The Soup= Chicken Noodle cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Gochujang Shrimp spicy Korean style shrimp, sake, garlic lime sauce, charred green onion, grilled flour tortillas => $14 =Sandwich Special= Classic Polish Boy pale ale kielbasa, toasted hoagie, topped with coleslaw, crispy fries, bbq & […]

Slider, Specials 1-20-17

Best Weekend Ever: Jan 20-22

Weekend Specials for 1/20/17 to 1/22/17 =The Soup= Broccoli & Cheddar cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Oysters Rockefeller spinach, bacon, Pernod, parmesan => $15 =Sandwich Special= Nashville Chicken fried chicken breast, cayenne pepper hot sauce, sweet pickles, sourdough, served with fries => $12 =Entree Special= Tortellini e Salsiccia five cheese […]

Slider, Specials 1-13-17

Best Weekend Ever: Jan 13-15

Weekend Specials for 1/13/17 to 1/15/17 =The Soup= New England Clam Chowder cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Steak & Mushroom Ravioli roasted beef tenderloin, mushroom ravioli, cherry tomato, marsala sauce, parmesan, chive => $12 =Sandwich Special= Oyster on the Half fried oysters, lettuce, tomato, housemade remoulade, served open face on […]

Slider, Specials 1-7-16

Best Weekend Ever: Jan 6-8

=The Soup= Pork & Apple Cider Stew cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Stuffed ‘Shrooms crab meat stuffing, duck fat bechamel sauce => $14 =Sandwich Special= Turkey Avocado Melt house-roasted salsalito turkey, avocado aioli, pepper jack, grilled sourdough, with fries => $11 =Entree Specials= Tenderloin Chimichurri thinly sliced beef tenderloin, chimichurri, […]

Slider, Specials 12-30-16

Best Weekend Ever: Dec 30-Jan 1

Weekend Specials for 12/30/16 to 1/1/17 =The Soup= Vegetarian Minestrone cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Hey-O Queso house-made sausage, melted cheddar & pepper jack, tomatoes, chilis, with fresh fried chips => $12 =Sandwich Special= Chicken Cordon Bleu Melt grilled chicken, black forest ham, swiss, honey mustard, kaiser roll, with fries […]

Slider, Specials 12-23-16

Best Weekend Ever: Dec 23-25

Weekend Specials for 12/23/16 to 12/25/16 We will be closed on Dec 25, Christmas Day & regular hours on Christmas Eve. =The Soup= French Onion with Gruyere cheese [bowl only] => $6 =Shareable Special= Duck Egg Rolls fried wontons with housemade duck confit, carrot, cabbage, red onion & sides of […]

Slider, Specials 12-16-16

Best Weekend Ever: Dec 16-18

Weekend Specials for 12/16/16 to 12/18/16 =The Soup= Lemon Chicken & Veggie with leek, carrot, zucchini, and yellow squash => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Crab Cake Santa Fe jumbo lump crab cake, polenta cake, roasted poblano cream => $15 =Sandwich Special= Patty Melt Harris Ranch beef burger, caramelized onion, cheddar, grilled […]