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Specials slider, 6-23-17

Best Weekend Ever: June 23-25

Weekend Specials for 6/23/17 to 6/25/17 =The Soup= Egg Drop Soup cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Stuffed Avocado baked with lump crab salad, panko bread crumbs & gruyere cheese => $14 =Sandwich Special= Hot Honey Chicken fried chicken in a waffle ‘bun’ with hot honey, served with crispy fries or […]

Slider, specials 6-16-17

Best Weekend Ever: June 16-18

Weekend Specials for 6/16/17 to 6/18/17 =The Soup= Gazpacho with watermelon & heirloom tomatoes => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Tuna Crudo sashimi grade tuna, micro cilantro, soy caviar, wasabi => $14 =Sandwich Special= Venison Burger bbq whiskey glaze, pimento cheese, bourbon pickled jalapenos => $15 =Entree Special= Stuffed Pork Tenderloin wild […]

Slider special, 6-9-17

Best Weekend Ever: June 9-11

Weekend Specials for 6/9/17 to 6/11/17 =The Soup= Chicken Tortilla with cilantro & black beans => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= A.K. Shrimp panko breaded fried shrimp, sweet & spicy sriracha => $9 =Sandwich Special= Triple Ale Bratwurst Harpoon IPA braised bratwurst on a toasted hoagie, with First Magnitude 72 dijonaisse & […]

Slider, specials 6-2-17

Best Weekend Ever: June 2-4

Weekend Specials for 6/2/17 to 6/4/17 =The Soup= Tomato Bisque with goat cheese => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Short Rib Satay marinated short rib (skewered & grilled), thai peanut sauce => $12 =Sandwich Special= Tarragon Shrimp Salad lettuce, onion, toasted croissant, served with crispy fries or southern-style slaw => $11 =Entree […]

Specials slider 5-26-17

Best Weekend Ever: May 26-28

Weekend Specials for 5/26/17 to 5/28/17 =The Soup= Hominy Stew cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Fried Calamari with sweet Thai chili dipping sauce => $10 =Sandwich Special= Chicken & Broccoli Salad melted gruyere, grilled sourdough. Served with crispy fries or southern style slaw => $11 =Entree Special= Eggplant Lasagna pasta-free […]

Slider, specials 5-19-17

Best Weekend Ever: May 19-21

Weekend Specials for 5/19/17 to 5/21/17 =The Soup= Black Eyed Pea with collard greens => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Smoked Shrimp Cocktail chipotle-citrus cocktail sauce => $14 =Sandwich Special= Portobello Pita grilled portobello, fire-roasted red pepper, goat cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion. Served with crispy fries or southern style slaw => $12 […]

Specials slider 5-12-17

Best Weekend Ever: May 12-14

Weekend Specials for 5/12/17 to 5/14/17 =The Soup= Yellow Split Pea with pancetta => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Rocambolesco baked flatbread with brie, prosciutto, arugula, pear coulis => $12 =Sandwich Special= Crab Salad Sandwich open faced on avocado toast with melted swiss. Served with crispy fries or southern style slaw => […]

Specials slider 5-5-17

Best Weekend Ever: May 5-7

Weekend Specials for 5/5/17 to 5/7/17 =The Soup= Sopa de Mariscos with shrimp, red snapper, clams & cilantro => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Ole! Egg Rolls tequila-lime chicken, white queso dip => $12 =Sandwich Special= Prime Rib Dip au jus, horseradish sauce. Served with crispy fries or southern-style slaw => $12 […]

Specials slider, 4-28-17

Best Weekend Ever: Apr 28-30

Weekend Specials for 4/28/17 to 4/30/17 =The Soup= Chicken Minestrone with summer vegetables => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Seared Ahi sweet wasabi-soy glaze => $14 =Sandwich Special= When Pigs Fly fried pork tenderloin, hot sauce, pickles, kaiser roll. Served with crispy fries or southern-style slaw => $12 =Entree Specials= Prime Rib […]

Specials slider, 4-21-17

Best Weekend Ever: Apr 21-23

Weekend Specials for 4/21/17 to 4/23/17 =The Soup= Asian Beef & Vegetable cup/bowl => $4/$6 =Shareable Special= Little Neck Clams 1 lb. sauteed in garlic, butter & fresh parsley => $12 =Sandwich Special= Grilled Chicken Samm’ich goat cheese, roasted red pepper aioli, arugula. Served with crispy fries or southern-style slaw […]