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The People Have Spoken and We’re Updating the Menu!

August 28, 2016

You may not know it, but whenever you comment on something around here, we make a note of it. Why? Because we’ve found that the secret to any restaurant’s success is to give the people (you!) what they want. So on top of great service, excellent quality ingredients, and relaxed atmosphere, we make sure to respond quickly to your compliments and suggestions.

Why am I bringing this up? We’re updating the menu based on things you’ve told us. Sometimes our chef comes up with a special that knocks it out of the ballpark, or we experiment with a new seasoning combination that is just *wow*. And yes, we get requests for something we retired off the menu previously.

Long story short, here’s the highlights:

  • NEW from previous specials, the Bleuschetta (better than bruschetta) and El Jeffe Cubano (sandwich) and more…
  • Dijon molasses. No seriously, totally YUM!
  • PBR Chili. This is super popular at downtown Loosey’s, and we brought it here.
  • House-made pickles. How can that be a bad thing? Look for them on the Cubano sandwich, and ask for them on your burger!
  • New dinner items like St. Augustine Chicken and Black Label Steak
  • Back by demand: Soy Ginger Salmon (your votes count), and we’re also offering more protein options for the Burrito Bowl!
  • Room for dessert? We’ve added a few new killer noms, like the Bourbon Bundt Cake (seriously hands-down whoa!)

And just going to be honest here, we know you could be having more fun on Saturday night, so we’re rolling out some new Saturday night specials and we’re getting our ‘90s station queued up. I mean, do we need a DJ to get the party started? No, just some good music and fun folks like yourself! But,we will be offering $4 craft beer by the can, and $6 specialty cocktails (oh la la!). Because you probably need to let your hair down and dance 🙂