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Best Weekend Ever: June 24-26

Weekend Specials for 6/24/16 to 6/26/16

=Cocktail Special=
The French Connection
Cognac, Lillet, Angostura bitters, orange bitters, honey syrup => $9

Shareable Special: Banh Mi Sliders
Shareable Special: Banh Mi Sliders

=Shareable Special=
Banh Mi Sliders
braised short rib, cucumber, horseradish aioli, daikon-carrot-jalapeno-cilantro slaw => $14

=Sandwich Special=
Summer Chicken Grinder
grilled chicken, lemon aioli, arugula, fresh mozzarella, balsamic reduction, toasted baguette, served with fries => $12

Entree Special: Glazed Salmon
Entree Special: Glazed Salmon

=Entree Special=
Glazed Salmon
grilled salmon, blood orange liqueur glaze, sticky rice, sauteed watercress => $17

+ Soup of the Day: Ginger Chicken Shitake with Noodles => $4 cup / $6 bowl
+ Music & Events: Richy & Shane @ 8PM [Friday], Tom Kerkhoff @ 8PM [Saturday], Happy Hour 11AM to close!  [Sunday]

Weekend Specials 6-24-16