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Best Weekend Ever: April 29-May 1

Weekend Specials for 4/29/16 to 5/1/16

Soup of the Day: Lobster Bisque
Soup of the Day: Lobster Bisque

=Cocktail Special=
The Graduate No. 2
Capt Morgan, sweet vermouth, lemons, bitters, Coke => $9

=Extra Special=
Waygu & Blue
pan seared Waygu NY Strip in brown butter, chive, smoked salt & blue crab cakes (2), hollandaise, bearnaise => $21

=Sandwich Special=
Black Bean & ‘Shroom Burger
smoked portabello and black bean burger, pepperjack cheese, grilled tomato, avocado. Served with fries => $12

Entree Special: Braised Chicken
Entree Special: Braised Chicken

=Entree Special=
Braised Chicken
your choice white or dark meat chicken, red wine braise, cremini mushroom wild rice, whole roasted carrots => $17

+ Soup of the Day: Lobster Bisque => $5 cup / $7 bowl
+ Music & Events: Shawn Manley @ 8PM [Friday], Tom Kerkhoff @ 8PM [Saturday]

Weekend Specials 4-29-16