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Best Weekend Ever: February 19-21

Weekend Specials for 2/19/16 to 2/21/16

=Cocktail Special=
La Fresa Loca
a Cuervo Gold tequila margarita with fresh strawberries, basil, strawberry/basil syrup,
lime juice, & a salted rim => $8

Sandwich Special: Chicken Bahn Mi
Sandwich Special: Chicken Bahn Mi

=Sandwich Special=
Chicken Bahn Mi
grilled chicken breast topped with sweet & sour pickled red onions & carrots, diced
cucumber, sriracha aioli & fresh cilantro on a flour dusted bun, served with crispy
fries => $12

Shareable Specia: Shrimp Tacos
Shareable Specia: Shrimp Tacos

=Shareable Special=
Shrimp Tacos
five mini flour tortillas with blackened shrimp, fresh guacamole, roasted sweet corn
pico de gallo, queso fresco & cheddar cheese => $12

Entree Special: Porkchop
Entree Special: Porkchop

=Entree Special=
grilled bone-in pork chop with a sweet onion & rosemary glaze alongside roasted red
potatoes & garlic green beans => $16

+Soup of the Day: Minestrone => $4 cup / $6 bowl
+Music & Events: Houston Keen @ 8PM [Friday], Tom Kerkhoff @ 8PM [Saturday]

Weekend Specials, 2-19-16