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Best Weekend Ever: September 25-27

Weekend Specials for 9/25/15 to 9/27/15

Shareable Special: A&P Sliders
Shareable Special: A&P Sliders

=Sandwich Special=
Beef & Cheddar Melt
shaved slow-cooked ribeye topped with tangy BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese on a toasted onion roll & served with fries => $11

=Shareable Special=
A&P Sliders
ground alligator tail & pork belly sliders topped with sauteed onion, pepper, greuyre & red pepper aioli => $13

Entree Special: Carbonara
Entree Special: Carbonara

=Entree Special=
heritage pork belly, sauteed with garlic & snow peas, tossed with an egg cream sauce & fresh linguine & topped with parmesan cheese => $16
+ Chicken => $6

+Soup of the Day: Mom’s Chicken Noodle => $4 cup / $6 bowl
+Live Music 8PM-11PM: Barry Sides [Friday], Clayton Bush [Saturday]

Weekend Specials 9-25-15